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  • The Solution begins with determining if you would benefit from implementing a Netting System. To do this contact us and ask about using our Netting Value Proposition Model with which you will be able to evaluate the benefits that your Group or Alliance would derive from operating a Netting System.Once you have used the Model to determine the benefits we can help you select the Netting System, implement it and if you need, operate your Netting Centre as an Outsourced Service.Sounds interesting ? Then Contact us

    Implementing Netting will enable you to realise the benefits through Simplification, Certainty, Cost Reduction as below. Think:

  • “E Pluribus Unum”
  • "From Many to One" -- the famous saying that epitomizes the values of the United States of America summarises well what Netting is all about…

  • From Many:

    • Participants
    • Banks
    • Currencies
    • Accounting Entries
    • Disputes
  • To One:

    • Netting Centre
    • Bank
    • Currency
    • Journal
    • Dispute Resolution Centre
  • From...

  • ...To


The result is a Structured, Orderly, Certain and Cost Effective Netting System in place, with NettLogic guiding you all the way through the process

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