NettLogic, a consulting and advisory company specialising in
  • Netting

    • Advice on Netting systems
    • Implementation support & training
    • Operating Netting Clearing Centres as an Outsourced Service
  • Logistics Financial Consulting

    • Strategy
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Systems Implementation
    • Treasury
    • Accounting
    • Management Information
    • KPIs
  • Strategy, Advisory and Mentoring

    • CEO
    • COO
    • CFO

It can be lonely at the top; having “been there and done that”, we realise that an impartial sounding board with non judgemental advice can be a useful service to “C” level executives.

  • NettLogic is a WiseService Partner, dedicated to supporting WiseTechGlobal clients solve their International Payments and Collections problems through use of WiseTechGlobal’s totally integrated Netting System
    Working with the award winning industry leading global logistics services software provider NettLogic can provide the most advanced solution backed by Wise Technology Group. The emphasis is on Straight Through Processing delivering the maximum productivity with the minimum of input.
  • The Wise Tech Group’s Netting solution offers:
    • Straight Through Processing
    • A WebPortal for companies not using WTG’s CargoWise One Logistics system
    • Automated matching of invoices
    • Automated posting of settled invoices
    • Chat facility for pre-dispute phase communication
    • Transparent on-line Dispute Resolution Process with full audit trail
  • Wise Service PartnerState of Art Logistic

The range of additional services offered by NettLogic include:
  • Netting and Logistics Financial Consultancy and Advisory

    Resourced by individuals who have extensive Logistics industry experience in Freight Forwarding, Shipping Agencies, Liner Trades, Airlines and Logictics consultancy, NettLogic can provide the appropriate resource

  • Communication

    We try to demystify the technical jargon and turn this into something that anyone fin the business can understand. Clients are kept abreast at regular intervals to ensure specific milestones are met. Our Policy is “Delivered as Promised – Within Time and Budget.”

  • Netting Implementation Project Management

    By adopting a Structured Methodology for Implementing the WiseTechGlobal Netting System clients can be assured a fast roll out. There are well understood “good practices” which, if adopted, will simplify the ongoing running of netting and improve reporting and performance. Precise follow-up during the progress of the projects help us reach milestones within the given tolerances of resources, time and budget. Risks are mitigated and Quality Assurance is guaranteed READ MORE CASE STUDY CONTACT US

  • Turn-key and Outsourced Netting Centre Services

    Being a highly specialised area of accounting and Treasury Management, some companies will feel more comfortable outsourcing the Netting function to an industry expert and specialist in the field.

NettLogic can offer the whole range of Netting Centre services as required – always within the banking arrangements of the client so you, the client, maintain full control over your cash, but don’t have to worry about the mechanics of how to do netting.